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    Home Made Lovely is where you’ll find simple home decor projects and ideas, easy decluttering and home organization solutions, faith-building inspiration, and family-friendly recipes all in one lovely place.

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    The Clutter Fix is the only book you’ll ever need to declutter and organize your home!

    Clutter isn’t just about the stuff. It’s about how you feel in your home–and in your mind.

    Living in a disorganized, cluttered home can leave you feeling chaotic, anxious, and even depressed. You want a change, but you don’t know where to begin.

    Get your entire home sorted and organized for good–in a way that makes sense for you and your family’s unique, God-given personalities.

    Decorate, entertain and bless your home with the Home Made Lovely book!

    In Home Made Lovely, you’ll learn how to decorate in a way that suits your family’s real life, declutter in 7 simple steps, do a house blessing, practice gratitude for the home you have, and brush up on your hospitality with more than 20 actionable ideas that will make everyone feel welcome and loved in your home.


    We’ve got everything you need to know to clean, declutter & organize your entire home! Hacks, homemade cleaners, and organization ideas

    Design and Decorate a Beautiful Home

    Learn how to mix and match patterns, decorating with vignettes, decorating with family photos, choosing the perfect area rug size for your space, and more.

    How to Choose Paint Colors

    Have you ever selected a paint color and put it on the wall, only to hate it? Here’s how to choose paint colors so you love the results every time. Plus, the one thing you should NEVER do when picking your paint colors.

    Practice Lovely Hospitality

    Get table decor ideas, meal planners, holiday planners, party planners, DIY napkins, place cards, quick cleaning tips, and loving on your friends, family, and neighbors.

    Yes, Please!

    Make Simple Crafts for Your Home

    Home decor crafts like crates, trays, chalkboards, faux floral arrangements, embroidery hoop art, wreaths, candle holders, and more.

    Grow Your Faith, Sleep Better & Worry Less

    We’ve gathered some awesome faith-building bible verses for stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, plus house blessing ideas and verses to pray over your home. And we’ve got bible journaling ideas and sources for beginners!

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